Friday, December 11, 2009

Wow This is so fantastic, The United Wealth Builders are growing rapidly!

Well you know its one thing to have a vision about something, but its another when others share that vision.

The United Wealth Builders as you may have alraedy just read are a group of internet marketers that came together and banded as a family on the internet and gathered their resources together to help out other fellow network marketers that kind of gave up hope, or are just starting out and need a little guidance or are really talented in marketing but want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

This journey has taken on literally a life of its own. In about 3 days shy of a month of creating their twitter presence, the United Wealth Builders have almost 2,000 followers already, 120 or so Facebook friends and have had several new requests on their home website

It's all very exciting and uplifting for so many in these tough economic times that with the help of our core business and the tools we integrate to advertise that business, people are able to generate extra income.

Happy Holidays to you from the UWB!

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